Why choose Naturaldogbarf?

Naturaldogbarf's benefits:

Quality of life - longevity - joint health and development 100%
Character enhancement 100%
Colour intensity and hair texture 100%
Reduction of stool and reduction of stomach problems 100%
Dental hygiene and Breath 100%

Of course it does; as we all know, the dog is derived from the wolf. A wolf's diet consists mainly of eating small and medium-sized animals in their entirety, i.e. meat, skin, bones and entrails, such as guts and stomach, which when eaten by the dog, the dog also eats the vegetables and fruit on which these animals were fed.

The recommended amount of Naturaldogbarf for each animal is 2% - 3% of body weight in adult dogs, and 8% - 10% of body weight in puppies.

Complements at Naturaldogbarf:

  • Garlic (internal and external antiparasitic)
  • Brewer's yeast (skin and coat strengthener)
  • Olive oil
  • Calcium (eggshell)
  • Spirulina (natural vitamin supplement)
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